About Us

Our Mission

To make your business more productive, simpler and profitable!

Since the onset of KeenExpert in 2016, we strongly believed that creative thinking can transform everything. We also think that the biggest risk any industrialist will ever take is not taking one. Hence, we started a consulting firm with our philosophy to understand your ideas, vision and align your businesses to the digital platforms that match and support your growth trajectory and your brand image.

From our executive management with more than 25 years of experience to a thoughtfully chosen team of subject matter experts, everyone indulges in writing a success story for you. We understand that we must know about your business needs, find out bottlenecks, and mesh our creative ideas and digitization plans to meet your future growth roadmap. Thus, we strive to not only provide IT solutions but also play an important role in cementing the digital strategy of your organization. To reach our goal we offer the following set of services.

Our Differentiators

We Listen
We listen, find out what you want to achieve and plan how we get you there. Things work better when we do it together.
We can only deliver results if we know what your success looks like.
Strong Ethics
Our work ethics and transparent practices sets us apart from our competition.
If you are looking for a trusted IT partner with whom you can share company details without any second thoughts, your search is over.
Customer First
Excellent customer service is the number one job in our company. It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back.
Customer First is our business mindset. It is where we stand apart.
Experienced Team
We have vast experience with legacy systems and issues. We have delivered what seems impossible.
With a large array of projects successfully completed we have the resources with the relevant experience to deliver on small, medium and large projects.
On Time
No matter how big or small the project is, we can deliver on time and within budget every time.
We are a process oriented organisation. This ensures prompt and high quality delivery with strict timeframes.
Constantly Evolving
Our dedicated team is always learning, constantly researching new and upcoming technologies.
Our constant focus on new technologies and better ways of doing things enable our customers to run their business more efficiently.
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5 Years of

IT Business Experience

Our Vision

Technology is about innovation and being creative. Innovation in businesses is doing things differently to provide better services, products, and solutions. We don’t view technology simply as a way to automate processes, but instead, we use it to open up new ways of accomplishing business.


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