Performance Testing

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Software Performance wins Customers

Most performance problems revolve around speed, response time, load time, and poor scalability. A slow-running application can potentially lose customers. Performance Testing Services can help businesses recognize and work on performance bottlenecks before the release and make sure that you never get surprises from the production environment.

If your existing application is showing the following symptoms, you need professional help.

  • Higher browser, page, and network response times
  • Server request processing times
  • Acceptable concurrent
  • Poor scalability
  • Resource bottleneck (CPU, network, disk usages, etc.)

What do we do?

Performance testing takes place after ensuring that the software is doing what it was supposed to do correctly. With our dynamic and assorted crew of qualified professionals, we are here to take care of all of your testing requirements.

Let us assist you in making a smart move and benefit from our quality assurance consulting services to leverage the best out of the functional and performance testing combined.

Types of Performance Testing:

  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Spike testing
  • Soak testing
  • Scalability testing

Let’s Discuss Your Requirements

Picking up right time to do the performance testing

Whether it is for web or mobile applications, the lifecycle of an application includes two phases: development and deployment. In each case, operational teams expose the application to end-users of the product architecture during testing.

Development performance tests focus on components (web services, microservices, APIs). The earlier the components of an application are tested, the sooner an anomaly can be detected and, usually, the lower the cost of rectification.

As the application starts to take shape, performance tests should become more extensive. Performance testing becomes more critical when it’s deployed on the production environment from the UAT environment.

Generic workflow for performance testing

We follow a tried & tested fail-safe work process that enhances our performance testing services. Also, we valued inputs provided from your end and follow the presented steps.

  • Resource mapping and requirement analysis
  • Test environment formulation
  • Identify your performance measurement KPIs
  • Plan and draft performance-driven test scripts
  • Configuring test environment and execute scripts
  • Analyze, tune and identify sources that need enhancement
  • Bug reports with detailed analysis

All in all, we assist you in reaching the full potential of your business with our performance testing services.