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Automation creates efficiencies

Manual testing requires physical time and effort to ensure the software code does everything it’s supposed to do. In addition, manual testers have to make a record of their findings. It involves checking log files, external services, and the database for errors. If you’re familiar with manual testing, you know this process can be extremely time-consuming and repetitive.

Test automation is the practice of running tests automatically, managing test data, and utilizing results to improve software quality. In the agile world, organizations want to deliver fast, and they also want to make sure that their product is free of any bugs and surprises. Test automation can replace the regression and repetitive manual tests and provide the results faster thus saving valuable time.

At KeenExpert, we also have curated some other aspects that present the automation testing as quite an impressive solution. Let’s check out a few of those:

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Benefits of Automation

Speeds up the testing process

Machines and automated technology work faster than humans, along with improved accuracy, this is why we use them. In turn, this shortens your software development cycles.

Reduces human intervention

Tests can be run at any time of day, even overnight, without needing humans to oversee them. Plus, when it’s conducted automatically, this can also reduce the risk of human error.

Run Tests Simultaneously

Because automated testing requires little to no human input once it’s started, you can run many tests at once. This also gives you the opportunity to make detailed comparative reports in less time with the same parameters.

Faster time to market

The time you save with continuous testing during the development means that you’ll be able to launch your product sooner. Automation testing tools can also get test results faster, expediting final software validation.

Re-usable test scripts

Same scripts can be reused multiple times and at many places as per needs.

What Do We Do?

With our focus centered on a strong and successful test automation plan, we work on automation testing services which include:

  • Test Automation for Web and Mobile
  • Strategy Development for Test Automation
  • Automated UI Testing
  • Automated Quality Assurance of Custom APIs
  • Performance-driven Automated Testing

How We Process Test Automation?

We draft a seamless test automation flow based on your requirements and other necessary factors. Our test automation approach involves a keyword-driven process, while we also run exploratory automated testing. Here are the steps that we follow to test your software, application, or APIs:

  • Requirement analysis and resource mapping
  • Recognize the modules or functionalities to be automated
  • Plan an architecture that best fits your test automation
  • Choose an automated testing tool and other APIs
  • Implement of continuous integration tool
  • Launch & execute automated tests
  • Draft test scripts for automated tests
  • Execute test scripts
  • Analyze Result
  • Integrate and maintain a test at regular intervals or whenever source code or functionality changes
  • Report bugs or errors

From crafting automated regression sets to executing new test cases with optimized test scripts, we believe in doing all it takes to help you achieve great results.