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Ballot Paper Printing - Why We are partner of choice?

Ballot papers are one of the most sensitive materials needed for elections. It is crucial to have a trusted expert on your side. You can count on KeenExpert for the Ballot paper printing solution and services.

Ballot paper printing is a specialized job. Ballot paper printing is a variable printing job. SEC (State Election Commission) has a very stringent framework, regulations, and very precise guidelines regarding the printing of ballot paper. They have many rules and check at every milestone of the task. On top of that, printing is a time-bound process to be completed in a very secure setup.

KeenExpert has helped in expediting the entire designing, and proofreading process with 100% compliance and accuracy. This enabled printing partners to do more work in the limited window of opportunity.

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Features and Benefits?

  • Support for Local Language data entry
  • Customized for all state level elections e.g. panchayat etc
  • Auto configurable as per number of candidates
  • All symbols as per guidelines are built into the system
  • Select the Symbols by the keyword. Type Peti for peti (belt)
  • Print proofs for approval before mass printing
  • NOTA will be added automatically as an option