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Improve Quality of Deliverables with Testing & QA

KeenExperts offers independent quality testing and a wide range of testing services & solutions for the next generation of enterprise applications. We have a team of experienced quality assurance professionals who are hands-on and understand the enterprise-level challenges.

Whether you have desktop, mobile or next-gen-based applications, our software testing specialists work with a focused approach to help you get more out of your testing efforts and improve time to market, and thus, your ROI. We offer to participate in your digital transformation journey and help you in testing the scalability, sustainability, security, usability, functionality, and several other aspects of your digital products.

By leveraging our best practices, latest tech, and standards we will be able to help you create high-quality software within the required timeframe.

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What do we offer?

Our testing & quality assurance services are inclusive of but not limited to,

Mobile Applications testing

Whether it is testing the responsiveness of the web application on mobile devices or the intricating business logic of an enterprise, we work on it.

Web Applications testing

From testing on poor networks to the influence of external factors and other functional bugs, we incorporate it all on both iOS and Android platforms.

API Testing

We make sure that internal or external users of your APIs do not come across any problems by using tools such as Postman, RestAssured, et cetera.

Functional/non-functional testing

We perform functional testing to determine if a piece of software is acting in accordance with pre-determined requirements. Functional testing is only concerned with validating if a system works as intended. Normally QA team does not have any idea of internal working of the software they are testing.

Stress testing

Stress testing is a Non-Functional testing technique that is performed as part of performance testing. During stress testing, the system is monitored after subjecting the system to overload to ensure that the system can sustain the stress. The most prominent use of stress testing is to determine the limit, to which the system or software, or hardware breaks.

The recovery of the system from such phase (after stress) is very critical as it is highly likely to happen in the production environment.

Regression testing

Regression testing is testing existing software applications to make sure that a change or addition hasn’t broken any existing functionality.

Quality Assurance Lifecycle

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