Study At Home

Why has remote learning become important?

Distance learning is an effective way for students to continue their education regardless of physical or time constraints. There is much ambiguity of how much longer this pandemic will last; thus, it is important that educators must be equipped with the proper software to deliver their students the best possible learning experience in these changing times.

Benefits of remote learning

  • Continuity of education
  • Students work at their own pace
  • Ability to self-discipline
  • Flexible scheduling opportunities
  • Save on costs and resources

What we Offer

HomeSchool allows flexible delivery of remote training to the students. Also, teachers can easily monitor the progress of students. Its easy, online accessibility saves students on travel hours and commute (or petrol) expenses; all that’s required is a computer and stable internet connection to help them start learning.

  • Registration of Students/Teachers
  • Allow Teachers to Record Lectures
  • Assign Recorded Lectures to students
  • Track Student Activities
  • Automatic updates to Teachers/Parents

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