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What is KYC (Know Your Customer)?

The quality of the financial services provided by the institutions has a great impact on obtaining and retaining customers. Along with the bouquet of services, ease of doing business is also another critical factor. Financial institutions are always on a two-edged sword; balancing fine lines of customer services and following regulatory norms to protect themselves and their clients from illegal fraud activities. The KYC plays a major role in fighting fraud, financial crimes, and mitigating high-risk transactions.

KYC is the process of verifying the authenticity of your customer mandated by SEBI and RBI (Reserve Bank of India). All Indian financial institutions are required to verify both the identity and address of all customers who are to carry out any kind of financial transactions with them.

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KYC – Online Solution

Our KYC platform delivers protection to your business without compromising customer convenience. It simplifies the customer screening process using state-of-the-art technology combined with human expertise.

With the help of the KYC portal, you will be able to file, revise, resubmit and track the status of the KYC application on behalf of your customer. The KYC system replaces the old, cumbersome, and manual process of KYC submission and verification with an automated system that paves the way to a more reliable and faster process.

Features of KYC – Online

  • Innovative workflow to process, review and finalize the customer application at the depository level.
  • Multistage verification of client application along with supplied documents by concerned auditors.
  • Real-time view of account opening application progress status.
  • The broker’s module allows brokers to apply for a new trading account for the customer.
  • Consent management system as per regulatory framework.
  • Extensive user and role management system to allow granular control over the activities of each registered user.
  • Application amendment and resubmission workflow for brokers.
  • Manage, view, and control brokers’ access to the KYC portal.
  • Application status notification is communicated to all concerned parties.